Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rush vs. the GOP

Back in March I praised Rush Limbaugh’s CPAC speech as “profoundly philosophical”. Today Mr. Limbaugh displayed that side of himself again, this time talking about the anemic GOP response to the Health Care bill:

“They don't have faith in our principles. They don't have the will or energy to go on offense. I'm talking about the Republican leadership, wherever you find it. And they're incapable of explaining our philosophy or our purpose. I really believe that the way to fight this is on pure ideological terms. Liberals are liberals, and it's not helpful to them when they are so identified…We cannot allow our party to be based on what Olympia Snowe and Ben Nelson or Blanche Lincoln may or may not do. What's smart about that? You do [not] build a strong future on a foundation with unreliable keystones.”

Rush’s closing metaphor may not be correct architecturally (I’m pretty sure keystones don’t go in the foundation) but it is sound historically. From Mohammad to Luther to Lenin to Reagan, history’s winners have been those who fought on philosophical grounds, who believed in something and communicated it to others. Republicans need to learn that lesson if they are serious about stopping Obama’s plans for the expansion of government into every area of life; it’s a lesson Obama already knows.


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