Thursday, December 10, 2009

Koan of the Week

Boss Barry and Master Li Kim Grebnesi were at the counter in the coffee shop. Barry ordered the 32 ounce French Roast.

“Sounds like you need caffeination,” the Master observed.

“I was up all night with a crisis. Brother Hezekiah told me ‘be in the present’. So I was. For a year. Instead of planning I just took things moment to moment. Now I find out my sales are off, I’m losing money, and the stockholders are pissed.”

The Master replied, “Always be in the present when you’re planning the future.”

Master Li Kim’s Commentary: “Be in the present” is one of the Six Gates of Mindfulness Practice. But it doesn’t mean “don’t plan”. It means “when you are planning, only plan”. Focus your whole attention on that one task you are performing in the present. Especially when it’s a task as important as planning.

Master Li Kim’s Haiku:

A cat in the brush
Watches the mouse carefully
Before she pounces.


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